Q: What platform do you use for your websites?

We only use WordPress for our websites for two main reasons. First, it offers a very wide array of templates and plugins for almost anything you need. It is also responsive and works on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Second, it is easy to maintain as WordPress’ is a Content Management Software (CMS) in which users can log into CMS panel and configure and update their websites. Finally, as there are a multitude of plugins readily available, minimal coding knowledge is required, thus making it easier for end-users to perform basic maintenance.


Q: How long does it take you to complete a website?

This will vary depending on the number of pages and the complexity of its contents. It also depends on expedite communication on the part of both parties as well as the number of revisions to drafts and proposals. Having said that, typically from the date of receiving all information e.g. site contents and graphics, we will do the best in our efforts to produce the first draft in 5 working days. Launch date may vary from an estimated 2 weeks to 1 month


Q: Are there any hidden costs that I should be concerned about?

We are fervent believers of transparency and as such, we have openly published our rates on our website. If there are any further questions on our fees and charges, we are open to having a discussion to give you a clear picture of what the costs will be prior to making your decision.

On that note, we would like our clients to know that website expenses basically come in 2 parts. First is the one-off cost of designing, templating & launching your website. Second is the ongoing costs of hosting your website & the renewal of your domain name, at a minimum. While website maintenance may also another ongoing cost, you have the option to manage and update your website yourselves. There are also other optional products and services that you may be interested in such as SEO, Traffic Booster & Google Ad.


Q: I already own a domain name and/or am using a different hosting services. Can you still provide hosting to me?

Yes, you can. All you need to get from your current provider is your Domain Password and we can transfer it over and provide hosting for you.


Q: Can I maintain my own website?

Yes, you can. For simple content and image updates, the minimum you need is basic knowledge in WordPress. Upon installation and launching of your website, you have the option of getting basic WordPress training from us to enable yourself to maintain your pages. You will be given access to your own CMS where any change can be made there.

Alternately, if you have time constraints and would like to leave the worry and hassle up to us, you have the option to subscribe to our flexible Website Maintenance Plans. Click here for more details.


Q: Do I need to install any software to maintain my website?

Our hosted WordPress application is 100% web based, so you can access it anywhere and there’s no software to install. As the application is running on cloud resources, you do not even need to have a powerful PC to do your tasks within the CMS


Q: Is my website safe?

Your data is safe, secure and always backed up on a once daily, weekly & annual basis —it’s as precious to us as it is to you.